GHB Clinic

Intuitive Clinic Management Platform and Secure Patient Record Management

GHB clinic is our customised clinical practice management system which integrates EMR (electronic medical records), inventory management and accounts management to streamline and facilitate lean operations.

We have linkages with the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) portal, allowing physicians to assess and contribute clinical data for compliance and patient continuity of care.

Our intelligent inventory management suite is linked to our market place, allowing better control of medication prescriptions, dispensing and sales. We give control back to the physicians, allowing the doctor have the most pertitnet information on drug levels, interactions and pricing.

Our electonic patient record incorporates real-time tracking of edits and changes providing medico-legal compliance yet allowing flexibility in clinical work flow. Intuitive design prompts the physician ensuring that important information such as drug allergies and interacations, important documents are always brought to attention.

Our accounts management allows real time tracking of revenue and patient flow, allowing the clinic to better understand patient visit trends, spending habits and diagnoses groups. This ensures faster accounting and audit cycles.